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From screenwriter, novelist and Hollywood insider Michael Druxman: “Henry has always been a marvelous storyteller, and writer Jan Pippins has done a fine job turning his life saga into an entertaining book.”

From the High Chaparral discussion group: “...I couldn’t stop reading.  If you haven’t ordered your copy, DO IT!”

From Brenda Greenwood (U.K.): “Highly recommended to all western fans, Henry Darrow fans, and those who enjoy reading the background stories of our film/tv stars. If I am honest this is one of my all-time favourite reads.”

Lotus 12 ( reader) “What a wonderful book about the life and career of icon Henry Darrow… I highly recommend it!”

Donna ( reader) “Fascinating reading, not just for Henry Darrow or western fans, but for anyone interested in the inner workings of Hollywood. Once I got started, I kept wanting to go to each new chapter to see what happened next. A very honest, yet entertaining, look at Darrow's life and career.”

Zmark ( reader) “The story of this hard working and fine actor is nothing short of captivating. If you love a book you can't put down then add this one to your collection. You'll be glad you did!Henry Darrow - Lightning in the Bottle is well written, easy to read, enjoyable, entertaining and just pure fun.”

From rgennut ( reader) “This book is a wonderful trip through the life of an actor who was a pioneer when Latino actors were rarely seen in leading roles. Henry's charm and charisma are very apparent as he tells his life story, but he doesn't shy away from telling details about his life that might put him in a different light. This takes courage to put it out there and let other learn from his experience. He comes across as a kind man with lot of friends and as a great teacher to those just entering the profession. I can't recommend this highly enough!!!”

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Henry’s Western Round Up:

“This book is not only the life and career story of a highly talented actor, it is also an in-depth study of HIGH CHAPARRAL, and any fan of the series will enjoy it.”

Mayor Clum ( reader) I would recommend this book to any student of acting, and anyone interested in the classic TV westerns of American television. If a reader of this book is not already a fan of Henry Darrow's, they will be by the time they reach the last page. This story rates a "Six-Gun Salute!"

The Examiner: “An honest look at the entertainment industry through the eyes of a most incredible, charming actor. Wonderful read.”

Western Clippings: “Linda Cristal once said, "When Henry Darrow came onto the set, it was like the sun came up." You too will get that feeling reading of Henry's life.”

From reader Vickie Harvey: “If you are looking for a good summer read, or for that matter any season, pick up this fine biography by Jan Pippins and Henry Darrow.”

From Dona Maria (Barnes & Noble reader) “A very good read, not only for fans of Henry Darrow and westerns, but also for those interested in an honest and entertaining look at the inner workings of Hollywood. Once I started reading, I found it hard to put down. I kept wanting to go on to the next chapter and see what happened next.”

From Ireadem (BooksAMillion reader) “You've seen him in countless TV shows and films, but probably never knew his name. But Henry Darrow was one of the first Hispanic actors to make it in Hollywood, and made it easier for others to follow in his footsteps.

This is wonderful biography. It was impossible to put it down once I started reading it!”

From H. Cason ( reader) “For Henry's fans, and there are lots of 'em, this book will be a giddy delight, brimming with photos and insider stories. For those new to Mr. Darrow, it's an amusing and captivating introduction. And not just to Henry -- but to the time when barriers were being dashed aside, and the power of a brilliant, telegenic performer could be felt in one's own living room… A true portent of the impact popular culture would continue to play on our ever-evolving and beautifully diverse country. Like Henry, this book is electric.”


Henry Darrow as Manolito Montoya in The High Chaparral Henry Darrow from That Certain Cervantes play Back to Top
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