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“Henry Darrow:Lightning in the Bottle”

By Jan Pippins & Henry Darrow

Film buffs will enjoy this revealing biography about a phenomenal man, his profession and how events in America during the second half of the twentieth century affected careers, network television and present day Latino actors in Hollywood.”

(Latin Heat)

“...delightful biography…”

(Henry’s Western Round-Up)

“This book tells the interesting, never dull life of Henry Darrow (Manolito from High Chaparral) … You'll love him for his determination, his faults and his charm.” (Dreemcp, Barnes & Noble reader review)

“An honest look at the entertainment industry through the eyes of a most incredible, charming actor. Wonderful read.” (Sue Thurman, Wild West News)

“...Darrow and Pippins skillfully intersperse the historical context with thoughtful analyses and often light-hearted vignettes…Darrow’s contemplation of an Anglo name change, for example, is managed amusingly, however the deeper subject of ethnic identity is treated with focused consideration…” (Kirkus Reviews)

“Whether you’re a fan of ‘The High Chaparral’, ‘Zorro’, ‘Santa Barbara’....or just looking for an interesting story, it’s in this book. Check it out!” (Brian Zemrak, On Screen & Beyond)

“If you are a fan of westerns or just looking for some good entertainment pick this one up and settle into the saddle for a nice pleasant ride.” (Reader review,

“I couldn’t put it down. Unlike some biographies that read like instruction manuals, this one is filled with heart and wonderfully written. Truly inspirational.” (Reader review,


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